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Never ever trust anything John (Jack) E. Rickson is involved in business wise. He has burned so many people and always seems to get away with his failure to deliver. This man is as low as they get personally. A true slim-bag con artist.

Jens Geitlinger

Jens Geitlinger is no longer in the states he\'s the peace of ***** the owned Excalibur Automobile on S. 108Th. In Milwaukee that ran off with over 2 dozen of his employees money after shutting down the plant in secret doing Christmas break... He has not been seen since.

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I recently cancelled my membership because I needed to move out of the state. I noticed a large withdrawal from my checking account nowhere near the membership fees or other fees. Beware of fraudulent charges from your account!

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Avoid working at this company at all costs! They come off as nice, progressive and supportive, saying that people can be a highly efficient team, that the family should be supported, and people should strive for excellence. However, the reality is that even despite the good things they do for staff such as dinners and company outings, the CEO, Steve Isaf, is a paranoid authoritarian. He employs mainly family and friends as his senior managers and they are either too old, too overworked or too incompetent to properly manage staff. Staff are underpaid, not given any path for advancement, and if they complain too much, they are told to leave. Staff turnover in the last month hit 10%. Work dissatisfaction is so high that most are looking for new jobs. The perks do not make up for a horrible work environment. Do not work here no matter how good it looks or how much you need a job. You\'ll be looking for work again in six months.