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Terrible customer service, never returns your calls and fails to deliver the products you purchase. A terrible company

Natural Look

I will never find a better place for my hair needs than this one. Joy is a delight and I never left without a big smile. She\'s so serious in what she does. Pays all the attention to your needs and is even very affordable ! I tried a lot of other expensive fancy places because i live an hour away from natural look but will never try again. Joy knows her business. Im with her as long as I live.
Thank you Joy!

LOVE this place and the people! Wonderful caring honest people who are the best in what they do.

Lake Conroe Barber Shop

Love this place. I have been taking my boys here for years. Very friendly!

This was the worst place for your child she or he doesn\\\'t have a chance at this school all of the teachers are rude the teacher ms Davis is just looking for a husband so watch your husband because she is nicer then ever to men now the women she just doesn\\\'t care for and is very rude to them she\\\'s dum as a box of rocks please don\\\'t trust your child to this school she didn\\\'t put in grades right she didn\\\'t teach your child what they need to know and gave assignments that she didn\\\'t read and when asked she will tell you she didn\\\'t read it then lies and tells you she will but never does then they are so unorignazed in classrooms and field trips good luck because they only pick the parents that kiss they butt she doesn\\\'t pay attention to the childred and when somethin happens in her classroom she never knows what happen her or her assistant in the classroom she said my child doesn\\\'t have home training

Farr Associates Inc

Not sure now with change since I was part of a 5 day Executive Leadership Workshop if FARR is what it was.
In the late 90s when I was fortunate to go through tests and exercises I felt strong benefits.
For such a business to not have a human answer the phone, and see that ownership has devolved to a bank, I can\\\\\\\'t but wonder if institutional memory and that years camp was that year and over.

I rented a house from Mike Hill Estate in Valdosta Ga. During my time living there, they responded pretty quickly to any repairs that needed done. When I left, they did not return my entire deposit, even though they said if I used all of “their people” to clean the property I would get ALL of my deposit back. This was not true. All that needed to be done for the next tenant was for the home to be painted, which one would expect since I lived there over two years. They said they do not paint in between tenants If you use them, do NOT expect to get your deposit back I do not feel this is good business practices.

Great Prices, Knowledgeable staff and good customer service!

She is the worst attorney EVER. She will make appointments with you, then cancel at the last minute. She never returns calls and can only be reached by email and even then it takes her weeks to respond. She is rude and her whole staff is just as rude as she is. I got a different lawyer and it was like night and day. Don\'t waste your money on her!