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The people are nice but the sanitation is pathetic in the Rehab section. The carpets are full of crud and bodily fluids. The air smells like MOLD. I don\\\'t know how people can work or live there. It would never pass an inspection on sanitation.

Zak Orelove

Excellent! This guy is very detail oriented and punctual and really business like, while being quite friendly as well.

This bank charged me $6 to cash their check for $70. All of the other banks do not charge anything for cashing check for under $100 and if it is over $100 the charge is at most $5. From now on i will charge $6 more for anyone that banks at the bank of the west! There should be a law against banks to charge so much to cash their check!

I am writing to you today on behalf of our 10,000 members who enjoy traveling to Alaska on a regular basis. We send out promotional materials to these members when they travel and we would like to include your brochure in our shipments. We would appreciate your sending us approximately 500 to 1000 brochures, or whatever you are able to spare, so that we may promote your Alaska attraction, too. Please contact me with any questions at (603) 669-1555 x127.
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Bill Howard
Club Resort Intervals

1087 Elm Street

Suite 205A

Manchester, NH 03101

GM Contractors

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being sued for breach of contract / google John Valenza, Harahan, LA and john david matthews in the google bar and it will show he is being sued

Daniel Caliguire

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Daniel Caliguire

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