Very Poor Communication back with business owner. Very poor tax planning. Very Expensive charges. Very friendly when they are trying to get your business promise the world but very hard to get a hold of when you have simple questions or request meeting.

Wonderful Lawyers. They saved my vacation from being ruined, and I still have a clean record thanks to them!

I had fun coming here. My bus passes by this school everyday and I think wow has it really been 7 years already? I graduated from GES in 2008 and am now a senior in high school. Dang how time rolls by. This was a great school and I had a lot of fun and some good memories from days there. Feels like yesterday I was a playful little kid at GES and now I am a nearly full grown adult who\\\'s about to graduate high school, move out and start my life. Sincerely Kevin Brown. Former special ed student at GES.

Braza Stone Llc

I want to thank the Master Craftsman at Braza Stone. I gave them an almost impossible time table to make my counter tops for my kitchen, upper bar and wet bar during the Christmas and New Year Holidays. I am a carpenter so I wanted to do some of the work myself, (tear out, replace kitchen sink cabinet, and plumbing).
The owner Tony and Sales Manger David, let me do as much work as I wanted and was ready to finish anything I started if I failed.
They also offered many incentives including a free stainless steel sink and price breaks, these guys are fantastic.
The installation went as smooth as butter. Ernesto, the Master Stone Cutter was on time when they said he was going to be there. He did the job in a Highly Professional manner. All Braza Stone employees were very courteous and friendly and willing to bend over backwards to make our dreams come true.
Bottom line,
My wife and I are extremely happy and we are looking forward to doing business with Braza Stone again.

Boulevard Family Dentistry is the best dental office in CA. Am feel so happy that we have found the best dentists ever.

BJJ Connection are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful Grappling Tournaments in Tarzana, CA..

Milestone Motors LLC

The owner of this place is nothing but a con artist. Terrible place!

47ST CLOSEOUTS, INC are great! He provide me beautifull engagement ring. I would recommend to anyone.

Jim White Lumber Sales

NOT A GOOD COMPANY, The MOLD spores on the lumber they shipped were at very harmful levels, and their practice of bait and switching is a terribe system where they sell cheap and charge high after the lumber is on your property IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL,, THEIR SCAM ARTISTS!!!!

Jim White Lumber Sales

We Ordered lumber from this Jim White Company in Michigan, their wholesaler told us they used top quality lumber and what we got was a nightmare. I do not ever post ratings but this needs to be seen! The plywood the fine board prices were adjusted for more expensive after the confirmed order. WE REJECTED DELIVERY! and because the drivers were not local were forced to have the trucks unloaded but JIM WHITE would not take their order back. MOLD, MOLD and MORE MOLD. they promised to look into it and correct but after about 2 months they didn\'t respond to our complaints. We even got the attorney general involved who was no help./ STAY AWAY they have NO control of any lumber being delivered outside of their millwork and fine work, anything from wholesale is like it sat in the weather for years before it comes to you. Do not trust the statements they make, they overinflated the invoice by 17-20% TERRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!