Sparhawk School Inc

They do not practice what they preach. The headmaster/owner is reactive and capricious. This is a glorified preschool. There is no real learning. The students repeat the curriculum every year. The \"language\" program is a complete joke. There are no tests and little feedback given to parents. That said, there are continual attempts to solicit parents for funds even after you commit tens of thousands of dollars in tuition. Do not send your child here under any circumstances.

They removed the Lego Ninjago videos from Youtube, when most of the people I know who like the show watched the first few episodes online and then became fans. My brother and his friends frequently watched the videos online, then played with the Lego sets they bought from the store.

Rating? Sorry...thought you meant me! As the first unpaid, overworked honcho of CRCOG (who is writing his memoires about all the wondrous things I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve done as a public bureaucrat) I stumbled across yur (central PA grammur)website to get a shot of writer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s adrenalin. Cheers from the old fart who made it happen.

Awesome people awesome service

Cheaper Than A Geek

Excellent price and service, will use again!

i like fishing and rock climbing

Wfcj 93.7 Fm

After 27 years on WFCJ, Stan Ellingson\'s new on-air home is weekdays 3-6 PM as of 03/17/14 reuniting the long-time Dayton/Cincinnati morning and afternoon drive team for the first time since 2011. The weekday lineup is now Bill Nance and Melody Morris 6-9, Pete Vecchi 9-12, Roger Hamilton 12-3, Stan Ellingson 3-6 on Dayton/Cincinnati\'s newest contemporary Christian music mix of currents and classics:

Bioserv Corporation

Not a great place to work. Pay is low. No healthcare, dental or pensions. Inept supervisors.If you dont get a promotion here in two years I suggest leaving. Career progression is zero. Seems to be a place where people stagnate/gravitate when they have failed at other facilities in the San Diego.

An investor bought the company. He is trying to turn it around. Replacing all the old employees with competent and professional new ones.

Quality Stone Veneer

Placed order, put my 50% deposit cannot get a response from them regarding my order.

I been living in this community for the past six to half years we have gone through a minimum of four management companies associated advisors Taylor management, access management, just to name a few. When we hired mem property management to a half years ago. We couldn\\\'t be more pleased. They are very responsive, return calls promptly, and look out for the best interest of everyone. I highly recommend them