I Was a Package Pickup and Delivery driver for a major shipping company. I went to Golden Flower Chinese Herbs shipping dock and was treated to the worst experience of my life, called every name in the book and called a racist and more by their shipping manager. I called the establishment to inform them of this experience, golden flower chinese herbs went out of their way to get me fired from my job and made defamatory remaks about me to my boss, co-workers and other business professionals from establishments nearby. This establishment gave me the worst customer experience of my life.

We filled out an application to rent a house 2 weeks ago. Our application was accepted after our credit and background checks. We wrote them a check for the security deposit the next day. On Fri we were told that we could move in on Mon after we made the payment for first and last months rent. We called to make the payment on Monday at 8am and we were told that they rented the house to another tenant! My lease is now over and I have nowhere to live. Kept my $100 dollar application fee too! Thanks!

Best Western

Better than expected!!

In need of a weekend away, I booked a night at BEST WESTERN River Region Inn for me and my fiance. I hoped the suite would be nice with all of the standard features a room should have. Once checked in (hours early - thank you BEST WESTERN River Region Inn) we found that the layout of the room was absolutely wonderful. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The parking was convenient and simple. The getaway was a success in large part to the fact that this hotel had a very comfortable feel. My search for the perfect fit is found - this will be our place of choice from here on out.

Mukhi, Sanjay

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The trip insurance is a scam with fine print that they wont tell you about. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...

I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve done business with this guy, on occasions, in the early 2000s, and at that time, he appeared to be reputable. Just this past month, he has shown me different --- \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"a total rip-off\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", he has become. He\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s running around here trying to get people to invest in his company and taking the money. Beware of this plumber. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m sure that if he does work for you, he will charge you for things that doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t need repairing. I think he has habits that he can no longer support. His number listed on Google is not even in service. I also went to his listed business address only to find a closed-down attorney\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s office. His name is Donald Wilson. Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t trust him at your home or with your money.

Mock Realty

Tom Van Lieu, the few times i\'ve met him, is very impersonal and as far as our conversations have gone only cares about obtaining your rent payments. 4 days prior to our lease ending he sent an email that said: \"are you vacated yet? i need you to be out soon because i have another renter.\" i can shrug off people and their conduct, but what really got to me is the outrageous charges he took out of my 1075.00 deposit. -$300 for \"cleaning\" which doesn\'t make sense for i paid for a professional carpet cleaning and scrubbed every inch of the rental. -$325 for replacing a door that was broken prior to my move in. this door made noise on windy days and every time you open and close the door. -$75 for \"bathroom sink drain stopper off, left in cabinet, part missing.\" once again something that was as is when i moved in. the part missing was a small screw. i bet home depot doesn\'t charge this much for a screw or even a whole new set-up. good luck renting with Mock Realty

New Choice Corp

We placed an order 7/1/14 for a charity event. Their email said we would receive in 7 business days and could track order online. No info online no response to multiple emails no response to phones messages left and after sending 30 faxes gave up trying to fax them something. Still no product for our charity event. Not a very impressive business

Hill Print Solutions

I have done business with Hill Print Solutions for nearly 40 years. The helped my publish my first book, printed brochures and stationary, and pocket folders. They have outstanding service and deliver beautiful printed products.

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