Duncan Rv Repair LLC

After 3 long months of extreme and complex repairs, we were able to pick up our unit, 2 and a half weeks before the date that we were told it would be done. Duncan RV really showed great respect and walked us through everything they repaired. They did a wonderful job on our coach. I am very relieved and so ecstatic to be back in our RV on the road again. Progressive is the best insurance company for RV\'s, they recommended Duncan RV to us and we are so glad. Amazing job Duncan!

My comment is I am having a tough time getting a sample sent to be tested! I have a 50 Lb. plus item that has passed all the tests I can do (magnetic, ceramic, and file test) need a chip tested! Appears to be Stoney/Iron but need verification!

I went to this church for a while and left because i was starving for the word! Every Sunday I would go and be hyped about receiving a word and how they love me. I was going through a lot at the time and really needed it. but low and behold, I would constantly be disappointed by once again another Sunday where I heard more gossip. Even the Sunday school teacher thought is was funny to discuss other peoples business . The class I was in (college and career) did not seem to focus on lifting people up and sharing the gospel. left and found a church that fed my soul and gave me the scripture,guidance, and encouragement that i so desperately needed.

Pep Boys

[I went to Pep Boys in Brandon for 4 Michlin Tires for my car. They talked me into Coopers, said they were just as good and cheaper. The tires won\'t hold air. I had them back twice to be fixed. Still don\'t hold air. Got a nail in 1 and couldn\'t get replacement (They are discontinued!!!). Every 3 days I have to put air in my new tires or they go flat!!! They did the exact same thing to my elderly parents!. I wanted Michlins and got *****!. My parents won\'t hold air either on totally diffrent car. Bad Business! 2 diffrent Pep Boys 30miles from each other. Will NEVER Buy tires there again.][/B]

I really enjoy the woship services, you can sense the presence of God. Great Word from the pulpit. The kids enjoyed the children services as well. There is a real family atmosphere there, the people are very friendly.

how there ship my product is very poor boxes mostly damage. most of the time have damaged goods. i seen how they load they pallets . awful

I know people who have had terrible help with their projects and no warranties and no way to help fight the wrongs done by their contractors. This to me is a horrible organization and needs a complete overhaul or abolishment. So grateful I don\'t have to use it. AND They don\'t want comments and they won\'t help people with problem contractors.

Dole Fresh Vegetables CO

Leafy Romaine 9 oz salad pkg B0762016 20:14 Terrible! Appears that some of the lettuce froze--black, soft matter. Bag included the core and lots of stems. What happened to quality control? Not happy with this bag of your product.

Madrid Home For The Aging

We stumbled over here from a different web page and thought I might check things out.
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Worst company I have ever worked for the inmates run the joint. the owner and his management team have no control of the business its a truck drivers free for all.