Alaska Realty & Investments

The owners of Alaska Realty & Investments,Shameus and Stephanie Ostermiller, are not the best of landlords. They are cheap, they hire meth heads for maintenance, and it is extremely difficult to get repairs done. When they finally get around to doing it, its never done right. And I don\\\'t feel safe having the kind of people they hire having keys to my place. They leave the cabinet with all the keys wide open. Anyone could get their hands on them! The maintenance man is a recovering meth addict. He told me this himself. I know they need to be given a chance, but not in a job that gives them keys to our homes!

They are the landlords for Strong Faith apartments as well. I have lived here many years and there has been this huge hole that stretches all the way across the driveway. They still have not fixed it.

They must like meth addicts because shortly after I moved in there was a huge drug bust on one of the apartments here. It was a meth lab. Way to go Mr. & Mrs. Ostermiller!

Horrible experience!!!!! The realtor conned us into seeing a property that we had found on our own and already has an appointment to see on our own so that she could get the 2K commission. Lina Kennedy, the broker and owner, refused to waive the fee even though I have documentation proving we found it before we spoke to the realtor and specifically told her we did not want to view it with her. Even the other realtor, Terri, and property manager, Olivia, agreed the fee should be waived!!!! The broker Lina should have her license take away. She is completely unethical and unprofessional. I will be filing a complaint with the Department of State Division of Licensing Services against them. Stay away from this company!!

Byrnes Agency

The Byrnes Team is fantastic to work with. We\\\'ve gotten our auto & home insurance with the Byrnes team for the last 4 years without a claim.

Highly recommended!

Mac's Fence

Dont pay until you are satisfied
No money up front
They wont come back

ero trust. Horrible service. DO NOT BUY OR SERVICE FROM THEM!

Sales: told me they would match the interest rate on a quote I brought in from my bank. At the signing after we had worked through all the sales and some paperwork, they told me the best interest rate they could offer was a full 1% higher than my bank quote.

Service: Before making my first payment, after a couple weeks of buying my fairly new truck, it broke down. I called and explained, and they told me to bring the vehicle in... and when I brought it in they told me I needed to make an appointment... earliest was five day wait. Since I had recently purchased from them I thought they would be willing to treat me well and make me happy so I continued with them.... Diagnosis, a faulty battery. (I was promised from sales that a thorough inspection had been done by their service department before my purchase) They quoted me $275 for a battery only, no labor. So I called around and found a reputable battery in a local auto par

Alcom Inc

Poor workmanship, deficiencies, no communication

What is the point in having a case worker when each time you call the message refers you to another 800 number and her mailbox is full so she can not help you. So nothing get fixed when it is screwed up you just get pased from one number to another!


The worst possible customer service! They gave me a wrong tracking number, & lost my package. Then they took over a month to finally deliver it. after tracking my package down, they show up to my doorstep unprepared to unload a heavy package, asking for me to assist them on their job.. then when i call to complain that my package has still not been delivered, they twist it on me saying I should of told them i didn\'t have a dolly or something to help them deliver it...what a joke. completely disorganized & unprofessional.. stay away.

please send me your monthly newsletter to 848 hayes street, baldwin, ny 11510.

Terrible customer service, never returns your calls and fails to deliver the products you purchase. A terrible company