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If having someone in a tshirt jeans and tattoos show up to your 3/4 of a million dollar home is your type of professional this is your man. Not only does he not care about expensive fixtures and upgraded fixtures that are thousands of dollars more than standard home depot base fixtures, he doesnt really seem to know what the true value is in a new and changing market. Ive had the displeasure of working with this gentleman twice(thank you montana law changes) and I can honestly say that this guy will make you wonder just how much schooling or training it takes to be an appraiser. dreadful is my rating and thats because they dont go lower

I would strongly suggest that you ask Mr. Allen to keep his liberal agenda out of the class room. Not happy about his influence on our kids at all. Teachers should not be shoving their politics on impressionable kids.

i opened an account a week prior to this date. they said i can take out my money in 5 business days. well those days passed and was told; no you still dont have balance today, not until november 5th. november 5th?! i thought they said 5 days not 2weeks! poor first impression i must say

Gary E. Alhadef - Dentist

The Gary E. Alhadef–Dentist is very professional in every way. I\'m Very Impressed and Happy with My Tooth Whitening Results.

Patrick Fields DDS

Patrick Fields DDS Dentist is a Perfectionist and Professional all the way. I\\\'m very impressed with My Dentist Service in Cabot.

Greg Sexton DDS

I had dentist treatment with Greg Sexton DDS a superb experience. I am Very Satisfied with my Dental Services.

John Sampson, M.D.

I had such a great experience at his office. John Sampson, M.D. Plastic Surgeon was very helpful and professional.

Great company! Very helpful and friendly. Will definitely be using them for future audits.

Artisan Dentistry

Artisan Dentistry is an incredible dentist in Newburyport, MA.I am very happy with my dentist service New Hampshire.

Results first credit company owner and primary contact, is professional, prompt, and gets results.